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Asiyami Gold


Recently I've managed to travel to Italy, on my own. I went to Venice first, then headed to Florence, Siena and finally Pisa. Traveling alone is a really different experience from just discovering a new way of living, it's also about a new way of being, it's about knowing you, trusting your instincts, and becoming very self-conscious while being exposed to a different setting from your homeland. You do not understand their language and they do not understand yours. But no matter where you are, no matter how different, we feel united towards a greater meaning, we may not share the same words, we share the same planet. One of my favorite moments of my trip was when I looked out the plane window and I saw the Alps, all filled with snow while listening to "Our House" from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's Déjà Vu. I felt a connection with the universe, while seeing this magnificent mountain chains. Travelling brings change, in space, in time, in your heart, your looks might remain the same, your eyes are different, you've experienced and seen so much.

I'm escaping. I'm always escaping. I travel to avoid myself. I travel to find something else. It's funny, because I find only myself when I travel, it's always running after me, i'm constantly reminded, through my body and mind, whether I'm hungry, tired or sick, but the self that accompanies me when I travel is far more interesting than the other one waiting for me at home. Maybe one day I'll keep on travelling and never come back home. 

Travelling helps me deal with my confidence issues. I think every one should travel alone at least once in their lifetime. It's mind blowing, different and yet not so. It's more about growing up than visiting a place, it's more about self-discovery than tasting a new meal. I always tend to believe in a greater way of life somewhere, and that implies travelling to experience every kind. I just need to escape the routine, boredom, everyday's little problems, myself. Everyone should travel to Venice, even if you're not in a relationship (cliché Venice travel option). I can't describe the exact feeling but, imagine stepping off the train after a day of travelling, exiting Santa Lucia train station and discovering Venice at nighttime for the first time. You head for your hotel, but you dream of getting lost in the little streets, you see the canal, you hear the little waves clapping against the boats fast asleep, the warm streetlights twinkling in the water reflections, no particular sound, just silence, you and the city. The city built on water. Come on, it's a city carrying so much history, so  beautiful, and for f's sake, it's built on canals. How much more do you need? Venice is a wide awake dream. A beautiful beautiful dream.

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