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Joshua Tree By Elsa Kawai

Asiyami Gold

Joshua Tree By Elsa Kawai

The reason for this trip was to simply get away for the holiday weekend.  When we take trips our main purpose is to relax and experience something new and unique.  We wanted to choose a place that we could miss the crowds and thought the desert in July would be the perfect place ... hoping the heat would scare others away.  We also try to find places that make it easier to unplug from our phones and the internet ... trying to be in the present.  It makes the time go a little slower and the trips seem that much longer. Another reason we chose the desert is that it is such a beautiful and mysterious place.  You can find all kinds of interesting people, places, art, etc.  It's a great place to just explore and see a different side of things.  It seems to be a place where people go to hideout and get away from the real world ... experience a change in life.  

We decided on Joshua Tree because we only got a glimpse of it last time we had been down south.  We found the homesteader cabin on Airbnb and thought it would be great fit ... unique experience, private, affordable ... it hit a lot of our prerequisites.  We've made the drive to Southern California many times so it was a familiar path ... we try to use the smaller highways as much as possible.  It makes the trip a bit longer, but get to see areas that you would otherwise miss.   Smaller towns have such character sometimes and you can often find some diamonds in the rough when it comes to food and photo opportunities.  

My only advice to someone afraid to travel is to keep an open mind ... situations are what you make of them.  If you stress over things being perfect and on an exact schedule ... then most often or not you'll be disappointed.  We leave a lot of freedom and adaptation to our trips.  That way you don't get bogged down with items on an itinerary and appointments that you have to meet.  This always caused so much stress when traveling ... something we truly try to avoid when on a holiday.  We simply make a list and check things off once we see them.  If you don't get to see everything ... no big deal ... it just saves something for the next trip.  To help we try to tier things from "must sees" to "could miss it if we needed too."  Some of the most fun stops we've made have been spontaneous which we would have missed being on a more strict schedule.  You often see a lot more when you're paying attention to where you are ... not where you are going.

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