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The Chinese Culture by Daniel Walcher

Asiyami Gold

The Chinese Culture

I am a 18 year old German student from the south of Germany. I haven't finished school yet but I am looking forward to my time in university. In my every day life I enjoy playing the piano, playing volleyball, doing calligraphy and of course taking pictures. I believe that true greatness comes from hard work and nothing else.

My favourite place to travel would be Asia and more precisely China and Taiwan. I have been there a few times in the last two years and I have even spend a hole year of my life in Taiwan as an exchange student. My last trip to China was because of an internship I had in an Chinese company in Shanghai. I was there for three weeks and I travelled quite a lot because of my work as an observer and translator. 

My daily routine was to spend the time from 8am to 5pm at the company and than take the subway to get to some place in or around Shanghai and walk around there or meet some people. But it was different for the times when I took some business trips to other cities in China. I had a lot more time to explore those cities than in my normal work days. 

I met a Chinese man who was my coworker for the three weeks there. I got to talk to him on some of the business trips to customers in China and he told me a lot about his life. He told how his wife and his child live in another city around 2000 km from Shanghai and how he could only visit them once a year. He has to pay a lot of money for his phone bills because the only way to talk to his wife is by phone and he spends a lot of time doing just that. His story is a sad one but even sadder is the fact that this is nothing special in China and a lot of men are far away from their loved ones. This really changed my attitude towards him and my general attitude towards China. 

I explored the old parts of Shanghai first and than the more modern parts. One of my most remarkable moments was when i was in the 100th floor of the Shanghai world financial centre it was a very special one for me. I stood up there and had a breathtaking view over Shanghai and i spent about an hour just looking down and thinking about the history of Shanghai and how it shaped the city. Needless to say, I really liked the time up there. It was easily the best part of my trip to Shanghai. I really liked to sit down in a local coffeshop or have tea somewhere and watch the people walking by and living their busy life. I did that almost everyday for around an hour or so. Shanghai is such a big city and so busy. I really needed that time to come down and think about the things I had seen by that time or that I wanted to explore in the next few days. I enjoyed eating fried rice. It came in a variety of additional stuff like shrimps or vegetables. I had that more than one time in those three weeks. 

One should go and visit China especially Shanghai because Shanghai in my eyes is an amazing mixture of old Chinese culture and also gives the modern international big city feeling. I just really liked how you stay on top of some of the largest buildings in the world but also sit by the river and enjoy some traditional Chinese food. Well, Jiading's old streets are definitely a must see for someone who explores Shanghai. And you cannot leave Shanghai without a walk on sides of theBund. I was really amazed the old buildings from the early 20th century. It makes you think about the history of this city. 

When I travelled to Taiwan to live there for a year, I told myself that I only have one year here and everything that I do not do is a missed opportunity. So I did almost everything in that year. I was afraid and shy a lot of times but this mindset helped me do things and I had a great year. But it didn't stop there. I just went on and on with that mindset and it helps to take risks that pay of most of the time. And now I see everything that I didn't do because I was to afraid to as a missed opportunity. And I believe that everyone can live this way and that you should see risks that way. Do not think about what could go wrong, think about what you could achieve or experience. 

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