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Asiyami Gold


My name is Sabrina I am a designer and I recently visited Istanbul, Turkey. I have a good friend who has family there. I finally took a shot this year to see what turkey was like, I stayed in my friend's  family house where no one spoke my native language except my friend. I thought it would be difficult to communicate with them but it was not. Instead of staying in my room, I sat with them trying to get acquainted with her family members. They spoke a little bit of French and I learned some Turkish. The funny thing is that I understood perfectly what her aunt was trying to communicate even if we weren’t speaking the same language. I could tell from her body language and hand gestures. I learned more Turkish words to impress her it was like a game. I felt like a child reciting what she was learning for first time. I also did that everywhere I went, with strangers at the market, and restaurants. It seemed to work very well for me.

The people I met were impressed with my urge of wanting to learn their language. I think it is so important to learn few words even if it's just to hello, bye, thank you, please, when you are going to a country where they speak a different language. It’s essential to mingle with the locals because the locals makes the experience worth it.

Life is about people, love and the memories we create from our experiences. So get up, go out, and connect with the people you come in contact with even in your own country. I think the most important thing in life is to be open. If you don't like something try it again in a different way, with different people, life is full of surprises. Smell everything, try everything, see everything, laugh, dance, take risks. Discover all the things that the country offers you. I took pictures, tried too much food, slept less. At this end of my trip I was more tired than I was in the beginning but that’s ok. I was happy to learn about their way of life, all the people I met, fed my creativity, my work, and my life. We need to stay open and curious about what life has to offer.

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