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Asiyami Gold


I've got to say I'm lucky that every time I travel to a new part of the world, it becomes my favorite place. It's probably because it's the one for which my memories are the freshest.

Anyway, I think Morocco was an amazing place. It was actually my first time on the African continent (and the last continent I had never been to at the time). I've always wanted to experience walking in crowded and loud souks, see the country's bright colors, nice people and delicious food to name a few. So when my friends and I discovered we all wanted to get there, we immediately bought our tickets. I also had seen pictures of the country before, and I was in awe of the amazing light and scenery that was pictured in it. I was wondering if Morocco really was like this. It was even more awesome than I expected.

 Planning this trip was a bit tricky since I couldn't travel for as long as I would have wanted to. I think that when traveling, rushing is not a good thing. One doesn't have time to experience each place enough and their mind is not so focused in enjoying the moment. So I had to postpone my trip to the desert to a future date. Instead, I landed in Marrakech and made my way to the North of the country, stopping in Fès, Chefchaouen and Tanger. Since taking pictures is my passion, I spent a lot of time walking around the cities capturing and documenting, waking up early to see the sunrise. I also love food so I obviously was amazed by the delicious tagines, couscous, fruit juices, dates and tea that was served there.


 I loved eating Chorba, which is some very simple but delicious vegetable soup, the best I've ever had! Everyday I'd wake up, have breakfast, usually msaman (a sort of very good local pancake), then decide to explore a specific part of the city I was in. For lunch I'd go to the closest restaurant, if possible one with a terrace that has a view on the city so I can admire the landscape. After exploring more of the city during the afternoon, I would stop at a café and get some delicious mint tea and dinner somewhere in the city's souks.  But as in every trip, I guess trying to explore the most parts of the cities I could was the more enjoyable to me.

Morroco is a place from which one can come back with tons of great memories, like walking in the souks of Fès and seeing the sun pierce through the ceiling in amazing rays of light, watching the sun set on a medina or on the sea from an old building's terrace, visiting incredible cities like Chefchaouen entirely painted in blue (highly recommended), feeling the animation and hearing the noises of cooks and musicians at dinner time on Marrakech's main square. All this will stick with you!

I wouldn't say this one trip changed my life, but when you start traveling, you become addicted to it. It is very important to see what there is beyond one's hometown, home country, home continent. Things, people, food, music, ways of life are there that you didn't even think existed. And you'll be a different person for sure than the person you would have been had you stayed home. I only started to travel during my second year of college. Before that I had visited a few places in Europe but not many, and never planned any of it. But that year, I was talking with some people online to better my English (I'm from Paris, France), and that one person from Lihuania told me I should visit. I had made a little bit of money this year by working on a side project, and I decided to spend it all on that trip. I just went ahead and flew by myself to a country I didn't know. It was quite a big step for me as a first real travel. But I loved every part of the experience, even the thrill (and fear) of going somewhere I didn't know. I met new people, saw new places, new ways of doing things I did back home. And when I came back, I knew I couldn't stop there, I had to travel again. Next thing you know I was living in Canada, then Sweden and the United States. And I think I'm more open to the world as a result of all these travels. Since then, my next destination is my next milestone, and it's always on my mind. Do travel.