What are lightroom presets?

Lightroom filters are designed to be a one-click  filter that edits and color grades your photos in order to evoke a particular style or mood. They are effective in bringing out the mood and/or emotion of your photography, hence pushing your work to the next level. The idea of it being a preset is to ensure a consistent and cohesive look and feel across multiple shots. Keep in mind though, as they are presets, they may require further tweaking in order to ensure they match your desired aesthetic. Additionally, in order to utilize these presets, you'll need a copy of Adobe Lightroom. 

I'm new to lightroom. Can i
still use these presets?

You certainly can! They've been designed to be incredibly flexible and can be applied even if you have little to no experience in Lightroom. That's the beauty of the preset!

will my images look exactly like asiyami's?

Although it's our desire to see every creative have beautiful images, there are many varying factors that'll determine the final outcome of your images. These presets will help establish great colour balance, texture, vibrance and contrast (among other things), which form the basis for your edits. It's best to think of these presets as a solid working foundation. From there, further adjustments and tweaks can be made in order to match your desired aesthetic.

I don't shoot raw. will they still work?

Yes they will! We've designed these presets to be compatible with both RAW and JPG files. Although there is JPG support for these presets, it is our strong recommendation that you utilize the benefits of RAW files where possible, as these presets work the best against RAW files.

If i purchase a preset pack, when will I get it?

The download links are sent out as soon as you've finalized your purchase. Keep an eye on your inbox shortly after your purchase and your new shiny presets should arrive!

do you offer refunds on purchased packs?

In as much as we'd like to, as you cannot return digital products, we unfortunately cannot issue refunds. We encourage you to watch our "Presets In Action" video as well as review all the before and after shots before committing to a purchase.

can i use these presets on mobile?

Although we don't offer official support for Lightroom Mobile for these presets, there are a few resources that can assist in being able to use Lightroom presets in Lightroom Mobile. Please keep in mind that we cannot ensure the quality and experience of using the presets on mobile, however, please see the link below on how you can utilize these presets on mobile:


WHAT do i do if my skin tone appears inaccurate?

If you'd like to adjust the appearance of your skin tone, you'll need to tweak the orange, red & black sliders within the color selection section. Also adjust your saturation and luminance sliders until you achieve the desired aesthetic. The image below shows you which panel to pay attention to:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 1.10.22 am.jpg