What Does your Space mean to you?





Human beings thrive on Mental, Emotional and Physical stimulation. A stimulating space is a catalyst for having a great attitude when we wake up in the morning. I never grasped the magnitude of the impact light had on one’s emotions until I moved into a space with beige colored walls. I woke up each morning feeling uninspired. As image-makers and creatives it’s vital to maintain oneself in spaces that nurture our creativity. Our individual spaces allow us to                                                                        REFRESH AND RECHARGE.

I spend most of my time in my space creating therefore it's imperative to be in a space where my creativity isn't stifled. Light plays a huge role in our psyche.

The best metaphor I have for this: Imagine waking up one morning with the sunlight beaming heavily on your face, doesn't it make you feel happy and energetic? Now imagine when you wake up and it's gloomy and raining outside....you go back to sleep.

Your space should feel like sunlight at all times. It should attract light and fuel your energy. 

What does your SPACE mean to you?



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