The Goat Farm


I had the pleasure of working with Allison Rhee of Flower Crown Society and Sawyer Baird. Over the past few months my infatuation with flowers has gotten out of control. I met Allison last year at a thread count event and I was enamored with her beautiful flower crowns. We recently sat down for coffee and realized how much we shared in common. After our meeting I became obssesed with ranunculus flowers I never paid attention to how free spirited some flowers are until Allison gave me the "flower 101". I find myself paying a lot more attention to flower stems now and being so infatuated by the way they bend and how they bloom over time. We all spent the day at The Goat Farm capturing delightful images and drinking coffee. Sawyer also did an outstanding job capturing the essence of the atmosphere and she does it so effortlessly. I'm in awe of these both of their work and extremely delighted that I was granted the opportunity to work with people whose work i admire.

Asiyami Gold2 Comments