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A Day Trip To Charleston, SC

I underestimated you Charleston...


For the past four years New Orleans has always been my favorite city to run off to when I need a break from Atlanta (without having to leave the country).  I was told that I would fall in love with Charleston but, truth be told I was a non-believer.

I had always thought to myself, what is in South Carolina? 

The answer to that question is..... EVERYTHING!!!

There's a reason why this quaint town has been voted America's number one small city for the past five years. Known for its rich history, well-preserved architecture, dynamic food culture, and mannerly people Charleston is worthy of being on anyone's bucket list.

After spending my entire week obsessing over all the amazing restaurants I saw on Pinterest, a day wasn't enough. One of the spaces I was instantly blown away by was 492 


One of the spaces I was instantly blown away by was 492Nestled on King Street this chic restaurant is to die for. The first thing I noticed was the modern light fixtures and furniture. What made this space so alluring to me was the dazzling pastel wall upstairs (i'm obsessed with walls that have character). Although 492 has a modern feel to it, the building itself has been preserved from the 1700's. A quick glance at the walls and you are instantly reminded that you're in a space that has a story to tell. To make this experience even more remarkable everything we tried on the menu was exceptional.



Until Next Time Charles...

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