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The art of slow living is something yet to be mastered by the Western world. During my stay @fscostarica some of the people I met working at the property were from the States. I met a lady from Philly who had been living in Costa Rica for 7yrs

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 Aside from the fact that she found love here I proceeded to ask her what has kept her on the Island for so long?  I found Kelli’s response to my question compelling. She had researched countries with longer life spans and which overall lived a healthier existence. Costa Rica was one of those places. 

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Each day spent on the peninsula, I started my days with chilled coconut water which naturally gave me the stamina to get sh*t done. Pura Vida: Pure Living is not just their lifestyle, it’s their way of life. 

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When in Lamu, everyone said POLE POLE, which meant slowly slowly. Take life one day at a time. Fernando showed us around the property he uttered the same “slowly slowly” phrase while taking us up the hillside that outlooked the pacific ocean. The moments I spend away from the West leaves me to wonder what it is about us in this corner of the world that makes us feel that sense of urgency?

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