Olive Green Trench Coat in Paris | Asiyami Gold
Paris Fashion Week Olive Green Trench | Asiyami Gold
Asiyami Gold at Paris Fashion Week - October 2016

 I spent the past few days people watching, but specifically observing the women I saw in the streets of Paris. How they dressed, how they styled their hair, their body language. Parisian women exude a level of self-asuredness that is quite liberating. It’s an inevitable fact that Parisian style exudes an air of freedom. That undeniable cool that initially seems so elusive, but simultaneously appears simple, unpretentious, and perhaps effortless.

 I finally cracked the code to achieving the day to day Parisian Chic Look.

(it's quite simple)

Clean lines + Beautiful textures + Comfort

A Mixture of worn out clothing with new pieces, perfect balance between luxury and inexpensive vintage finds. Sounds like I’ve been Parisian all along. 

Asiyami Gold wearing Heat Free Hair at Paris Fashion Week
H&M Olive Green Trench - Fashion Week |  Asiyami Gold

You can look Parisian for under $100 and here’s how:

  • Get a nice vintage trench coat from the thrift store for $14
  • A pair of vintage levi’s for $7 thrifted
  • A crisp white tee shirt from ZARA $8
  • A nice pair of ballerina flats or sneakers (I noticed most parisian women wear adidas, Pumas, Reeboks, keds...comfy type sneakers) mine were $20 from a vendor on the street.
  • A chic cross Body Bag from forever XXi $25
Asiyami Gold wearing H&M at Paris Fashion Week

Love From Paris.