Pantene Beautiful Lengths (8or8Challenge)

Our appearance is a reflection of many things. It can reveal our sense of self worth, represent a culture, or even reflect a state of mind. But our hair? Our hair can be that, and so much more. In many ways, a woman’s hair represents her strength. It amplifies her sense of self and attraction. However, our conception of hair and its role has evolved to the point that even a lack of it has meaning. These locks do not bind us. Willingly cutting or shaving one’s hair and defying convention are ways through which we exert control over our lives, and influence the perception of what is beautiful.


One of the most crippling aspects of cancer is that it robs women of their hair. Chemotherapy treatments are harsh, and it seems like the worst part of trying to be a fighter through such an ideal is looking in the mirror and not recognizing the contender. It is one thing to choose to alter your hair, but to be stripped of that choice is one of the things that makes this ordeal one of the most trying experiences a woman can endure.


We have an opportunity to lend a helping hand to those that could use one. The Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund has dedicated itself to helping women battle cancer by donating real-hair wigs at no cost to them. I am happily spreading the word about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths #8or8 Challenge, launching today, and hope you will too. A donation of 8 inches or 8 dollars can go a long way to restore a sense of normalcy and confidence to a woman whose circumstances have caused her to lose both.  In partnership with Pantene Beautiful Lengths, we can do more than give our fellow sisters their strength back. We can remind them that they’ve had it all along.



If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you be more concerned about your life or the physical effects of cancer?
What role does hair play in your level of confidence?

1. Life. I can buy a wig but I can't buy time with family and friends
2. I feel best when My hair is catered to: washed conditioned etc...if I look good (includes hair), my confidence is through roof -Mia N

1. Losing my hair would be the first thought because it's a visible sign that I'm sick. A woman's hair is her beauty, and even if she chooses to wear it bald or low cut, that's still a choice. Unwillingly watching my hair fall out would totally freak me out.
2. And yeah if my hair looks good I feel good. Right now I left the house with no makeup on and a very blah outfit bc I know my hair looks good lol -Tanisha B

1. Had you asked me this question a year ago, I would have said my hair over my life's It's my mane, and integral part of my femininity. Only recently have I started to dissociate physical beauty from interior beauty, because the former fades (for many reasons). So today I say: I would worry about my life, I still have so many things to accomplish!!!
2. That being said, (to answer your second question) hair is important an important mechanism for control. It may the only genetic part of a woman that she can alter drastically. To me it's incredibly important, most people can identify me from a distance by it.I'm very confident because of it. It's as important to my feminine identity as my first name is.Perhaps more so, because most people see it before they know my name. -Isabela N

1. I would probably be immediately worried about my hair. My hair has always been a type of identifier for me. People notice me because of me it and it'a allowed me to express myself without speaking.
2. My hair gives me a lot of confidence. As long as my hair looks good to me, I'm not as concerned with my clothes. It doesn't have to be 30 inches or even bone straight, just as long as I like it. - Maame A

1. I would be more concerned with my life. I've had periods where I didn't have hair as a personal choice, so losing hair wouldn't be a concern.
2. It plays a lot into my confidence, but so does other things like my skin and my teeth, & where I am (mentally and emotionally)  in my life. I will say that even if I was bald, I would learn to accept that aspect of myself really quick and not dwell on it. -- Olamide O

1.) At first ... Death wouldn't be on my mind. Statistically people my age don't die from cancer so I would think that I would survive it. So because of that I would be focused on the physical effects of cancer. Weight loss. Pale skin. And of course hair loss.
2. As a women I know that I am beautiful. There are qualities that I love! And qualities that I don't like but I embrace. I can't go an exchange my body lol. However when my hair is not done... . I don't feel ugly... I just don't feel like I look my best. When my hair is done... I feel like I can conquer the world lol.
So yes hair plays a huge role in my daily confidence levels however it does not play role in how I feel over all because I know I'm beautiful inside and out. -Osato U

1. My life.
2. My hair makes me feel feminine. It does give me confidence. A bad hair day can make my self confidence lessen. However in a dire situation like cancer My hair is merely an accessory when it comes to my life. - Kate

1. If I was diagnosed with cancer id be more concerned with losing my life than my hair (definitely). Hair, especially for women, is something we have a bit of control over. There's wigs, weaves, texturizing, etc. you can really make your hair into whatever your heart desires, even if it isn't yours lol. Cancer is a differently story. It's essentially out of your control and life threatening.
2. Hair has played a major role in confidence in my life. The European/American standard of "beauty" includes long/straight hair. When you don't have it, you feel less beautiful especially when you're younger. I've always struggled with my hair (mom is Asian as hell and didn't know how to do it). Eventually, when I cut it all off I felt the most confident. Probably because I feel like I have less to worry about. People focus on other aspects of me. Butttt it's still tough not to think about having "more" as being "better." Just like with every other aspect of life in America. -Nneka O

1. If I were diagnosed with cancer losing my life would be my primary concern, however being that I don't believe in chemotherapy and radiation being theanswer to fight cancer, my hair would probably stay in my head, and I would try more holistic approaches. I've lost aunts, a cousin recently, and my grandmother 12 years ago to cancer and with witnessing the decline of their health and their death, I noticed that the chemotherapy treatments were doing more harm to them than the actual cancer.
2. I have a big forehead, and a big head in general so having really thick hair minimizes that. So I think my hair does play a major role in my confidence and how I feel about the way I look. Its also used as a tool to express myself. -Taryn A

1. I'd definitely be more concerned about losing my life. Although an important part of how I feel about myself, I feel like I'd be more focused on making amends with people or trying to save a rainforest.
2. My hair is probably the most important. I find myself taking care of that more than my actual body sometimes. If my hair isn't together,  chances are I'm not having a good time bc of insecurities. Plus I've learned all the positive interactions I've gotten off of my hair. It's definitely a "staple piece" & conversation starter. -Quasia P

1. My life, there is always a wig a walk away. And then I can truly be all three of my personalities.
2. After saying that My hair does play a big role in my confidence, if it's not on my standard of a good hair day, I'll feel completely ugly. My hair & eyebrows are on the same level of severity, if it's off, I'm off. -Michele

1. I would be more concerned about losing my life.
2. I would say my hair is responsible for 60% of my self esteem, so I do place high value on it. However I think about this all the time. I think I make it out to be more important than it actually is and I spend too much time caring for it. so I would hope if I was to have cancer I would value my life more than my hair. -My Nguyen

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