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Asiyami Gold x Larsson & Jennings
Larsson & Jennings Gold Watch on Atlanta Fashion Blogger, Asiyami Gold


I stopped by the L & J store on Prince street not too long ago and instantly fell in love with the minimal ambience of the brand.

i'm a sucker for Design and great Aesthetic, Larsson and Jennings just happens to get it. 

Birth from two cities, Stockholm and London, L&J unifies minimal Swedish Design with British Aesthetic. Creating modern timepieces for style-savvy individuals like myself.

Making a decision on what timepiece I wanted to incorporate in my day to day was quite difficult as you saw on my snapchat. There was a plethora of timeless choices to select from. 

When picking out a watch I tend to lean towards something with a masculine appeal but this time I wanted something more sleek and feminine. The older I get the more feminine i'm becoming... i don't know what's happening to me but i'm embracing it.

Asiyami Gold wearing Larsson & Jennings 33mm 18k Gold Lugano Watch

This 33mm 18k GOLD Lugano watch is what dreams are made of.

- Did I Mention that it coated in GOLD?

- It comes with a built-in adjuster on the straps to adjust as you grow.

-Design is A1

More choices available HERE

Nigerian Fashion Blogger & Creative Director, Asiyami Gold
Asiyami Gold - Larsson & Jennings 33mm 18k Gold Lugano Watch

I turned my grandma shoes from zara into mules because they were killing the back of my feet.

Are there any well made shoe brands out there that cater to women with wide feet? :(

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