Massai on Maroma


Unleashing my inner warrior ;)

Skirt Thrifted

Straw Hat Forever 21

Massai Neckalace Airport Stop in Kenya

 Bracelet + Bathing Suit Top H&M

I'm passionate about creating more beautiful images for women of color on the internet. When I look at the women whose lifestyles inspire me I also envision more women of color living that lifestyle. Living a beautiful life is not this obscure, impalpable, herculean mystery that only the special among us will attain. We are all capable of living beautifully, whether we choose to share it with the world or not. Decide what the perfect life looks like and go after it despite the challenges, learn to improvise and work around them. 
I'm always willing to go the extra mile to make sure my photos are well documented. I love beauty and although my life isn't perfect... I always find beauty and in all the imperfections. That makes life worth living for me. (Today Thoughts)

Enjoying the dreamy view at El Dorado Maroma