Lamu, Kenya

I found out about Lamu for the first time on my instagram explore page. A fellow I discovered had documented an image he took at THE MAJLIS RESORT and I fell in love. i looked up the destination on pinterest and i couldn't help but want to explore every nook andcranny of this city.

I had the chance to escape the bipolar weather in ATL earlier this year for a certainly warmer climate in Lamu. When going on my adventures I try to stay away from as much to do/ to see lists as possible to allow myself discover things that I like to enjoy--never hurts to leave room for surprises. When I saw images of the majlis resort I imagined Lamu being more developed, you know.... cars, uber (if possible)...oh boy was I in for an experience of a lifetime. When I landed in Nairobi I was told how beautiful Lamu was but my excitement died when I was informed that there were no cars to get around. Pause... What? 

The best means of transportation in this little town was either by foot, speedboats and you guessed it... A DONKEY!!! Donkey's are mainly used here for transporting goods from place to place. You won't see too many people riding on one. Initially I was quite frantic about not having access to a car but hey, burning a few calories from walking around doesn't hurt after all. I was excited to explore the city and take in its beautiful hues, facades and textures.

The people I was privileged to meet made this experience worth it for me. They welcomed me with so much warmth and love. Often times the language barrier makes it difficult to connect with people but in LAMU the heart speaks louder than words. I never felt out of place.

They called me Sana (a friend)  They taught me how to take life pole pole (slowly slowly) Most importantly they made me fell like I belonged.

Hakuna Matata