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My body when I was in my early 20s vs my body in my later 20s. I was an athlete in high school. I played basketball, volleyball and ran track. That helped me cultivate the tolerance I needed to stay fit and motivated. As I’ve grown older I have become “hella lazy”. 

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I’m not as motivated to stay fit as I once was. Something that once came so naturally to me has become a mental exercise and a daily practice that I find rather difficult to keep up. In the meantime, I’ve chosen to indulge in all the shit that makes me feel good and accept that I won’t stay as I once was forever. I’m accepting all the curves and stretch marks that come with this new territory, and the heartbreaking fact that my booty and boobs are gradually forging allegiance with gravity.

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PS: I accept my muliebrity and enjoy basking in all aspects of being a woman. As women, we have to be kind to ourselves and accept all the changes that come with our physical, emotional & mental growth. We have to fiercely love ourselves, even when the world and systematic structures don’t. This is just a post to remind us that as we get older we will have to be diligent in achieving our personal goals.

Loving my swimwear from @Lahanaswim, helps accentuate my curves and have me feeling “hella sexy”. 



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