Along with Ugmonk and Merit, 26 influencers across the World have come together to show their support for spreading the importance of the PROJECT 26 message. The "26" design represents the fact that every 26 seconds, a kid drops out of high school in America. Once a student makes that drastic decision, it's downhill from there. With proper teaching, opportunity, and resources, that decision does not have to be made.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?                                                                          I was obsessed with mathematics in school. It was my favorite class because i like formulas, i enjoyed solving problems and coming up with a solution. I'm having a hard time deciding between all my math teachers because I believed that they were all geniuses but there's one who stands out to me the most. My trigonometry teacher in high school, Ms Draffin. She had really huge eyes and they would light up every time she starts teaching. She cared about her students and before every test she would say, "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU". She came up with great mnemonics that helped me retain formulas and was always willing to push me to achieve more. Looking back on it i feel terrible because i never really applied myself as much as I should have in high school.

How do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration through my connection with God, Nature, Traveling, Silence, Balance within myself, Pinterest (i can spend all day on pinterest), Good conversations with friends and instagram. I don't believe in inspiration without clarity. One has to maintain balance within self in order to see the beauty in life.

What's your style

My style is comfortable. I like clothes that are made to suit each aspect of my lifestyle. I don't believe "tom-girl chic" exists but i'm the fine balance between a tomboy and a girly girl.

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