Chameleon Effect


Happy belated Independence Day, America! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. The weather in Georgia as of lately has been pretty terrible. It rained all day yesterday, but I’m not complaining. I had no plans to mingle or get wasted. The only thing on my agenda for the 4th was MCHG. Several weeks ago, during halftime of the Spurs vs. Heat game 6, Jay-Z had the whole nation exhilarated for three minutes. Words can’t express the emotion I felt when that Samsung commercial came on TV.  I love and appreciate music, but as of lately there’s too much music out there. So much that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to filter what’s worth listening to. However, with the whole nation in suspense, eager to listen to something that appeared to be great did MCHG live up to the hype?

Yes it did!!!

This is subjective of course but an album to me is great when you can listen to it all the way through without skipping a song. An artist is an artist when they're capable of telling a story that fuels your imagination and sparks an emotion. So far my favorite song on the album is Oceans ft. Frank Ocean (wonderful imagery).--I hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedoooo...before the Basquiat show... and if soooo.....

"I'm anti Santa Maria Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace...

On the holiday playing "Strange Fruit" If I'mma make it to a billi I can't take the same route" --Double entendre, oh jay why you so clever?

My temporal lobe has been aroused once again, thank you Mr. Carter.#MAGNACARTAHOLYGRAIL



Dress: Value Village

Shoes: Joe Fresh


Accesories: Rings-- Beacons Closet, Bracelets-- Foreverxxi,Clutch--Value Village.