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Channeling N.O.L.A.

As an individual, it is essential for me to discover myself in new surroundings. Trying new things and embarking on “not so familiar” ventures, as much as possible, instills growth. Whether it’s trying out a new restaurant, traveling, a new recipe, a new hobby, I live my life according to a quote I once read: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

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Brunchin' on the town

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Brunch date at  West Egg Cafe

I've been inspired by Newyorkers and their everyday lifestyle. I find my friends asking me out for brunch or coffee more often when i'm in New York City. There is a bonding that takes place when people share a meal together - their spirits seem to connect.

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Chameleon Effect



Happy belated Independence Day, America! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. The weather in Georgia as of lately has been pretty terrible. It rained all day yesterday, but I’m not complaining. I had no plans to mingle or get wasted. The only thing on my agenda for the 4th was MCHG. Several weeks ago, during halftime of the Spurs vs. Heat game 6, Jay-Z had the whole nation exhilarated for three minutes. Words can’t express the emotion I felt when that Samsung commercial came on TV.  I love and appreciate music, but as of lately there’s too much music out there. So much that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to filter what’s worth listening to. However, with the whole nation in suspense, eager to listen to something that appeared to be great did MCHG live up to the hype?

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Atlanta Artists


Quick post to say Hi and show you a small preview of yesterdays look! I had a super fun shoot with Dolapo-Adebola Wilson yesterday.

Just like myself Dolapo was born and raised in Nigeria, making my first interaction with him seem like I had known him for a long time. He has a great eye for capturing images that give admiration to the minuscule things that we tend to overlook in our over saturated society. Dolapo currently has a few new projects in the works. One of them being his website; something that I am honored and extremely excited to be featured in :).

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Spring has arrived, giving me a reason to be much more organized and adopt the cliché term ‘less is more’. Often being expressive with girlfriends about creating the perfect wardrobe, I recently started cleaning out my closet, getting rid of ‘seasonal’ clothes and replacing them with essential pieces. The goal is to create a closet of chic simplicity that reflects the woman that I am now and the woman I am working towards becoming.  It’s about simplifying my life all together, not just my closet.  Life can be much more fulfilling when we learn to let go of things that are unnecessary. Whether it’s a few trendy jackets in your closet taking up space, or a relationship in your inner circle taking up vital time, don’t fear getting rid of things that have become a burden.

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