Our first visit to the remote island, Bermuda, was memorable. It’s one we will always hold dear to our hearts because of the warmth that spilled out of the radiance of each individual’s smile. We were picked up by Gregory, a young man who made our thirty-minute ride to Hamilton so swift that we didn’t even realize we had been on the road for that length of time. I gazed out of the window and marveled at the crystal clear blue waters of Bermuda, while listening to the sound of Gregory’s voice in the background. He talked about his goals and ambitions and mentioned that he had been to a couple of places around the world. He had recently just returned from the super bowl that was held in Atlanta, which is where we were visiting from, but we also mentioned to him that we were from Nigeria - this is when his eyes lit up! He was excited to share a project he had been working on with his friends; they had put some money together and would be traveling to Zimbia later this year to build a school. This was a special moment because we shared similar views on how to approach funding for such things. For them, it was all from the heart and was about sharing their goals with people they loved, who were also ready to support their vision.


Greg had also given us a couple of food recommendations along our journey, and although we didn’t make it out to the restaurants Lost in the Triangle or Wahoos, we’ll always remember Greg as our first introduction to the people of Bermuda.
We pulled into the driveway of an unapologetically pink building, where we were welcomed by Mr. Carvel who introduced us to the ‘Bermudiful’ lifestyle. His baritone voice melted our hearts. Mr. Carvel had been working for Hamilton Princess for almost 5 decades, so he was a familiar face and soul. He was truly adored by everyone who came in contact with him.
After checking in at the Fairmont Gold Lounge, we waited patiently for our room, while savoring our first can of Gosling’s Ginger Beer. My brother and I went back and forth about what we thought Bermuda felt like. “If England had warmer weather and crystal clear blue waters, it would be Bermuda,” he said, biting into his vanilla bean scone.
Finally, we checked in to our room and were delighted with our breathtaking view from the balcony overseeing the marina. The housekeeping services we received twice a day thereafter, made our evenings easier to unwind, especially with a drink in hand, overlooking the sunset.
On our first evening, we enjoyed dinner at Marcus restaurant ran by Chef Danai, where we met some of the most hospitable individuals I’ve ever met in a trip. We enjoyed exquisite meals, such as seafood risotto and savored every bite while listening to a live performance by Dia Bermuda.


Conveniently located in the heart of Front street, our stay at Hamilton Princess allowed us to easily explore and discover things to do outside the hotel. About a mile down the street were some of the best spots for nightlife. We started our first night out at a place called The Beach, where we tried our first cup of Bermuda Rum Swizzle (a glass of Swizzle is composed of Gosling’s Black Rum, Gosling’s Gold Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, Angostura Bitters and Grenadine). We then ended up at The Dog House, where we all celebrated the birthday of one of Princess’s staff, Marilyn, who had turned 40. What I loved about this was seeing how the staff at this property treated each other like family. They were all different, yet unified by their likeness for one another.


The next morning, we woke up and enjoyed breakfast at the Fairmont Gold Lounge, followed by a catamaran experience to the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, where the ship sunk in 1609. Here, we enjoyed being kids again; we laughed, danced, fed a couple of baby sharks, took in the gorgeous view of the island from a different perspective and created as many memories as we could. Our time at Hamilton Princess was truly remarkable. From the people we met, to the comfy bed we laid on at night, the gorgeous views shared between myself and my brother, the exquisite culinary experience and the accessibility to town, I couldn’t have asked for anything more special.

Asiyami GoldComment