I can say that I am fortunate enough to call Atlanta my home. It is the city I have lived since I came to America, and where I started to live out my – as they say, “American Dream”. Believing that I have well and truly explored the wonders of Atlanta, the notion of a staycation in my own home city, did not leave me entirely thrilled nor excited. What perspective of Atlanta can Airbnb offer me that I have yet to tick off during my 13 years of being its resident? .


My question was answered exceedingly above my expectations. 

The first notable and most amazing experience is the home-away-from-home abode that I spent a night in. A sleepover in tree house is something that you can only imagine as living out a childhood adventure, and everything about the surrounding nature felt like an adventure.

An adventure that took me out of my comfort zone, of what I assumed a run-of-the-mill staycation would look like. An adventure that allowed me forget that I am actually still in Atlanta. And this kind of experience is certainly what silenced all my initial doubts. One night spent in such a magical all-encompassing location left me in awe of the city I already knew and loved. 


The adventure continued, as so did the connection with nature during one of the most unreal experiences that I would never had the notion, nor the courage to try out.   

Participating in an informative and engaging beekeepingsession, was fascinating and incredibly humbling, as getting a firsthand tour of the miraculous work of bees. Being in the surroundings of the what is essentially the habitat of the bees and witnessing the Queen bee laying eggs, is an exceptional experience, and a whole new found admiration for a specious of insects that are easily overlooked. 


The entire Atlanta staycation experience, made me realize that the way I may have overlooked and underestimated the bees, is the same way I certainly underestimated and overlooked my home city of Atlanta, as to what more it could possibly have to offer. Through the lenses of Airbnb I was able to discover hidden gems that will now be a firm favorite in my memory bank. 


Asiyami Gold2 Comments