Beauty in correlation to art can't be expressed with words due to a seeming lack of accurate language. Art has always been fascinating to me because it's subjective. There are no rules, No right or wrong on how one should express their self through this medium. However, what I believe art should always do is evoke an emotional response within us. Aesthetic/Art must be processed on an intuitive level. 


The communication between different shapes, sizes, tones, textures, lines, motion, and sounds are the different ways of making art pleasing to our senses. If I had a dollar for every time I used the word texture I would be filthy rich. The use of texture is one of my favorite methods of communicating my art. Texture gives life to an image, it makes an image more interactive. It creates a story without one being told.

I often get a lot of questions on how to acquire knowledge for understanding aesthetics. I had always questioned if such things could be taught and I believe it can. Through studying what you love and practicing, then developing a style that is unique to who you are. It's imperative to share your interpretation of how you see beauty in the world through your eyes.

Asiyami GoldComment