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AAu Garden Supper

Asiyami Gold




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Last weekend, to celebrate the launch of AAu’s Summer 2014 collection, I gathered loved ones for a dinner at Sofia XIV Studios at The Goat Farm Arts Center, Atlanta. 

I’ve been wanting to bring together like minds over an intimate dinner and discussion. “What topics would be discussed?”. “Would they leave, inspired?”. Questions like these worried me up to the dinner, but this event had been on my mind for years and I wanted to see it manifest.

 This was an idea that eventually became a reality: 

I dreamt about hanging mason jars for months; how to make them from start to finish. It was a tedious process, but beautiful watching my dream become real in front of my eyes.


In the past year all I did was talk about organizing a dinner like this, and found that Spice Mixologist ESSIE of  Essiespice shared my passion for what an event like this could be. Together we created this tasting experience:



 ·     Balsamic Chicken seared with Mango Chili Medley, Served with Gorgonzola Cheese, Watercress, Green Beans and Marcona Almonds

.     Kofte Bites with Yogurt-Honey Dip.


 ·      Grilled Shrimp with Mango Chili Medley and Quinoa Salad.


 ·      Gnocchi with pancetta dressed in garlic, Red chili and Basil butter.


·      French Crepes with TamarindOH! and dark chocolate filling with chopped strawberries and cheese.


Essie is brilliant and she creates her own spices from scratch. Therefore, it is one of a kind and can only be purchased on

The balsamic chicken was seasoned with my favorite spice, the mango medley. It tasted like heaven!!! Essie's also added her TamarindOh sauce to the French Crepes and it was exquisite.


I was really moved by this event. It was a blessing being in a room full of people whose sole purpose was to support you and wish you well. I was moved by the smiles and the aura of love and oneness that each person in the room exuded. I'm grateful for each and everyone of you who was present.


Thank You,

Asiyami Gold