6hrs in Tulum


Prior to visiting Tulum I obsessed over how visually appealing Tulum would be in reference to the pictures that I had seen online. My initial reaction when I got to the ruins was a bit disheartening. As someone who constantly needs to be visually stimulated by my environment I had extremely high expectations for Tulum. I also wasn't expecting to see so many tourists roaming the streets of Tulum.-- (never plan too much for a place you've never visited because the fantasy of the place never meets the reality of your expectation; and in order to find the perfection in the imperfection you have to explore a bit more to find the Hidden Treasures.) 

After getting over my initial state of disappointment, we drove into town where I asked my chauffeur to drop me off. As I walked around town that's when I finally began to see the beauty in Tulum. 6hrs wasn't enough time for me to visually absorb what Tulum had to offer. I returned a few days after and rented a bike to explore the lovely town. I spent a few hours riding around on my bike and that was exactly what I needed. The best way to discover what is place has to offer is better experienced on a bike. Visually I was exposed to everything and could make stops when prompted to do so. If you do plan to visit Tulum for a day rent a bike and ride around. You'll end up discovering much more than you expected.

There's beauty in not having expectations and going into things with an open heart. You're more receptive to the world around you and the world is also open to you when you allow things to happen as they should. I often get ahead of myself, but these are lessons that I have to put into practice and constantly adhere to.

Trousers Zara

Top Asiyami Gold

 Hat Vendor in Buea

Sandals Chloe