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I got the blues


I got the blues

Asiyami Gold



For those constantly on-the-go, versatility plays an important role in what pieces to add to their day-to-day collection. Luckily, I have been investing in only items that are multifunctional and fit my longterm aesthetic. Prime example this purple label Ralph Lauren white long sleeve T-shirt. A classic piece that can be worn in several different ways and focused on the material and construction. For your classic pieces make sure the timelessness and quality is the upmost importance. Everyone at every style level has specific preferences about fit, material, and color palate. Everyday hone in on your personal preferences and spell out who you are inside by what you are wearing outside.

A dark denim jacket is another timeless piece that adds an allure to your effortless chic street style. I prefer my jackets oversized for comfort. Versatility is subjective, therefore, what works for my day to day ensemble is different from what someone else may decide to incorporate into their style.The key to a low-consumption closet is building a quintessence collection of diverse pieces- garments that can be worn all year round and in myriads of styles. 

A crisp white crew neck T-shirt-- Ralph Lauren

A dark denim jacket-- Mackintosh

A nice watch-- Timex