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Havana Ooh Na Na

Asiyami Gold



Life in Havana felt like I traveled back in time. Although a vast majority of the buildings seem to be decaying, there’s always something beautiful to acknowledge. From bright hues and pastels, to textured walls, and colorful handmade hydraulic tiles, old Havana overflows with breathtaking and vibrant palettes worthy of inspiration. Despite the conditions of the buildings, I was enamored of Havana’s charming cinematic character that made every sight and setting feel like a frame from a film.


Also, because of its insular nature and limited exposure to the outside world, its inhabitants have an untainted sense of self. These young women aren't spending their time on Instagram comparing themselves to images of Kylie Jenner. They go to school, after school they come out and play, flirt with boys here and there, and head in when it gets dark. Time stands still in Cuba.


As beautiful as life in Cuba may be, it is certainly not without its downsides. The centralized system of living has resulted in severe shortages of key infrastructure. READ HERE


Although insularity enhances the sense of self, it does so at the expense of exposure. The limited access to information and exposure to the outside world stunts the growth of the Cuban people. They invariably become unable to compete with their counterparts from other countries. Truly an island of its own.


Life on the island of Cuba, like most communist economies has its upsides. Its citizens are guaranteed the necessities of life such as affordable housing, free healthcare, and basic education (with a relatively low student to teacher ratio). Society is classless. The absence of privately-controlled factors of production eliminates the use of classifications typical of capitalism. People are treated equally by government regardless of academic achievement, financial standing, and similar indices determined by private fiscal strength. Life is made simple, and lived simply.



TO DRINK + EAT: LA CONCORDIA (mojito Frappe on point)


TO STAY: AIRBNB ( Casa Miriam Hostal Colonial




  • There are two different currencies being used on the island. One for locals and one for tourists.
  • There's a limited access to ATM's that accept American Visa cards. Go with cash and change your dollars to Euros/Pounds before getting to cuba.
  • For internet access, residents have to join queues at specific parts of the cities, queues that stretched out of the door and round the block. Even so, access was subject to the purchase of login cards, and only accessible at public parks.
  • You are better off saying that you are Nigerian than American.
  • Stay away from a man named Mr. Angel

Southern Living

Asiyami Gold

A Day Trip To Charleston, SC

I underestimated you Charleston...


For the past four years New Orleans has always been my favorite city to run off to when I need a break from Atlanta (without having to leave the country).  I was told that I would fall in love with Charleston but, truth be told I was a non-believer.

I had always thought to myself, what is in South Carolina? 

The answer to that question is..... EVERYTHING!!!

There's a reason why this quaint town has been voted America's number one small city for the past five years. Known for its rich history, well-preserved architecture, dynamic food culture, and mannerly people Charleston is worthy of being on anyone's bucket list.

After spending my entire week obsessing over all the amazing restaurants I saw on Pinterest, a day wasn't enough. One of the spaces I was instantly blown away by was 492 


One of the spaces I was instantly blown away by was 492Nestled on King Street this chic restaurant is to die for. The first thing I noticed was the modern light fixtures and furniture. What made this space so alluring to me was the dazzling pastel wall upstairs (i'm obsessed with walls that have character). Although 492 has a modern feel to it, the building itself has been preserved from the 1700's. A quick glance at the walls and you are instantly reminded that you're in a space that has a story to tell. To make this experience even more remarkable everything we tried on the menu was exceptional.



Until Next Time Charles...


Asiyami Gold

Beauty in correlation to art can't be expressed with words due to a seeming lack of accurate language. Art has always been fascinating to me because it's subjective. There are no rules, No right or wrong on how one should express their self through this medium. However, what I believe art should always do is evoke an emotional response within us. Aesthetic/Art must be processed on an intuitive level. 


The communication between different shapes, sizes, tones, textures, lines, motion, and sounds are the different ways of making art pleasing to our senses. If I had a dollar for every time I used the word texture I would be filthy rich. The use of texture is one of my favorite methods of communicating my art. Texture gives life to an image, it makes an image more interactive. It creates a story without one being told.

I often get a lot of questions on how to acquire knowledge for understanding aesthetics. I had always questioned if such things could be taught and I believe it can. Through studying what you love and practicing, then developing a style that is unique to who you are. It's imperative to share your interpretation of how you see beauty in the world through your eyes.

Lamu, Kenya

Asiyami Gold

I found out about Lamu for the first time on my instagram explore page. A fellow I discovered had documented an image he took at THE MAJLIS RESORT and I fell in love. i looked up the destination on pinterest and i couldn't help but want to explore every nook andcranny of this city.

I had the chance to escape the bipolar weather in ATL earlier this year for a certainly warmer climate in Lamu. When going on my adventures I try to stay away from as much to do/ to see lists as possible to allow myself discover things that I like to enjoy--never hurts to leave room for surprises. When I saw images of the majlis resort I imagined Lamu being more developed, you know.... cars, uber (if possible)...oh boy was I in for an experience of a lifetime. When I landed in Nairobi I was told how beautiful Lamu was but my excitement died when I was informed that there were no cars to get around. Pause... What? 

The best means of transportation in this little town was either by foot, speedboats and you guessed it... A DONKEY!!! Donkey's are mainly used here for transporting goods from place to place. You won't see too many people riding on one. Initially I was quite frantic about not having access to a car but hey, burning a few calories from walking around doesn't hurt after all. I was excited to explore the city and take in its beautiful hues, facades and textures.

The people I was privileged to meet made this experience worth it for me. They welcomed me with so much warmth and love. Often times the language barrier makes it difficult to connect with people but in LAMU the heart speaks louder than words. I never felt out of place.

They called me Sana (a friend)  They taught me how to take life pole pole (slowly slowly) Most importantly they made me fell like I belonged.

Hakuna Matata