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Asiyami Gold

Beauty in correlation to art can't be expressed with words due to a seeming lack of accurate language. Art has always been fascinating to me because it's subjective. There are no rules, No right or wrong on how one should express their self through this medium. However, what I believe art should always do is evoke an emotional response within us. Aesthetic/Art must be processed on an intuitive level. 


The communication between different shapes, sizes, tones, textures, lines, motion, and sounds are the different ways of making art pleasing to our senses. If I had a dollar for every time I used the word texture I would be filthy rich. The use of texture is one of my favorite methods of communicating my art. Texture gives life to an image, it makes an image more interactive. It creates a story without one being told.

I often get a lot of questions on how to acquire knowledge for understanding aesthetics. I had always questioned if such things could be taught and I believe it can. Through studying what you love and practicing, then developing a style that is unique to who you are. It's imperative to share your interpretation of how you see beauty in the world through your eyes.

Lamu, Kenya

Asiyami Gold

I found out about Lamu for the first time on my instagram explore page. A fellow I discovered had documented an image he took at THE MAJLIS RESORT and I fell in love. i looked up the destination on pinterest and i couldn't help but want to explore every nook andcranny of this city.

I had the chance to escape the bipolar weather in ATL earlier this year for a certainly warmer climate in Lamu. When going on my adventures I try to stay away from as much to do/ to see lists as possible to allow myself discover things that I like to enjoy--never hurts to leave room for surprises. When I saw images of the majlis resort I imagined Lamu being more developed, you know.... cars, uber (if possible)...oh boy was I in for an experience of a lifetime. When I landed in Nairobi I was told how beautiful Lamu was but my excitement died when I was informed that there were no cars to get around. Pause... What? 

The best means of transportation in this little town was either by foot, speedboats and you guessed it... A DONKEY!!! Donkey's are mainly used here for transporting goods from place to place. You won't see too many people riding on one. Initially I was quite frantic about not having access to a car but hey, burning a few calories from walking around doesn't hurt after all. I was excited to explore the city and take in its beautiful hues, facades and textures.

The people I was privileged to meet made this experience worth it for me. They welcomed me with so much warmth and love. Often times the language barrier makes it difficult to connect with people but in LAMU the heart speaks louder than words. I never felt out of place.

They called me Sana (a friend)  They taught me how to take life pole pole (slowly slowly) Most importantly they made me fell like I belonged.

Hakuna Matata


Asiyami Gold

Olive Green Trench Coat in Paris | Asiyami Gold
Paris Fashion Week Olive Green Trench | Asiyami Gold
Asiyami Gold at Paris Fashion Week - October 2016

 I spent the past few days people watching, but specifically observing the women I saw in the streets of Paris. How they dressed, how they styled their hair, their body language. Parisian women exude a level of self-asuredness that is quite liberating. It’s an inevitable fact that Parisian style exudes an air of freedom. That undeniable cool that initially seems so elusive, but simultaneously appears simple, unpretentious, and perhaps effortless.

 I finally cracked the code to achieving the day to day Parisian Chic Look.

(it's quite simple)

Clean lines + Beautiful textures + Comfort

A Mixture of worn out clothing with new pieces, perfect balance between luxury and inexpensive vintage finds. Sounds like I’ve been Parisian all along. 

Asiyami Gold wearing Heat Free Hair at Paris Fashion Week
H&M Olive Green Trench - Fashion Week |  Asiyami Gold

You can look Parisian for under $100 and here’s how:

  • Get a nice vintage trench coat from the thrift store for $14
  • A pair of vintage levi’s for $7 thrifted
  • A crisp white tee shirt from ZARA $8
  • A nice pair of ballerina flats or sneakers (I noticed most parisian women wear adidas, Pumas, Reeboks, keds...comfy type sneakers) mine were $20 from a vendor on the street.
  • A chic cross Body Bag from forever XXi $25
Asiyami Gold wearing H&M at Paris Fashion Week

Love From Paris.




Asiyami Gold

Larsson & Jennings Gold Watch on Asiyami Gold



Asiyami Gold x Larsson & Jennings
Larsson & Jennings Gold Watch on Atlanta Fashion Blogger, Asiyami Gold


I stopped by the L & J store on Prince street not too long ago and instantly fell in love with the minimal ambience of the brand.

i'm a sucker for Design and great Aesthetic, Larsson and Jennings just happens to get it. 

Birth from two cities, Stockholm and London, L&J unifies minimal Swedish Design with British Aesthetic. Creating modern timepieces for style-savvy individuals like myself.

Making a decision on what timepiece I wanted to incorporate in my day to day was quite difficult as you saw on my snapchat. There was a plethora of timeless choices to select from. 

When picking out a watch I tend to lean towards something with a masculine appeal but this time I wanted something more sleek and feminine. The older I get the more feminine i'm becoming... i don't know what's happening to me but i'm embracing it.

Asiyami Gold wearing Larsson & Jennings 33mm 18k Gold Lugano Watch

This 33mm 18k GOLD Lugano watch is what dreams are made of.

- Did I Mention that it coated in GOLD?

- It comes with a built-in adjuster on the straps to adjust as you grow.

-Design is A1

More choices available HERE

Nigerian Fashion Blogger & Creative Director, Asiyami Gold
Asiyami Gold - Larsson & Jennings 33mm 18k Gold Lugano Watch

I turned my grandma shoes from zara into mules because they were killing the back of my feet.

Are there any well made shoe brands out there that cater to women with wide feet? :(

Lo & Sons Giveaway

Asiyami Gold

Lo & Sons Giveaway | Camera Bag




The best camera bags for stylish girls | Asiyami Gold
Asiyami Gold x Lo & Sons

Finding a well made camera bag that suites my day to day lifestyle has been a longtime struggle. One of the problems I faced as someone who enjoyed documenting her day to day activities and constantly on the go; camera bags were not stylish enough to match my aesthetic. They were to bulky to carry around and screamed "photographer" which attracted attention while on my solo travels. It Made it known to the natives that I was a tourist and also made me a target, which isn't always the safest for someone traveling solo. I used to be the ultimate bag lady during my ventures. It also wasn't the best for someone who is as scatterbrained as I am. Trust me when I say carrying multiple items on the run is never a good idea. With multiple compartments, and versatility, this cognac leather piece from Lo & Sons has saved my life. Now i can travel Light. 

You can also:

 "Travel Light + Well" 

For an opportunity to win a Leather camera bag from Lo & Sons

  1. Comment below sharing a story about a time that you've been forgetful.
  2. Follow me & @loandsons on instagram
  3. Tag Three friends on post.
  4. A winner will be selected within the next two weeks
Stylish & Fashionable Camera Bag from Lo & Sons - GIVEAWAY | Asiyami Gold
Camera Bag from Lo & Sons | ASIYAMI GOLD

Good Luck ;)

Beauty Talk With Me.

Asiyami Gold




For those of you following me on snapchat you know I had a rough week last week.

I've never been a beauty "guru" because I try my best to keep my maintenance level at the bare minimum. I grew up with boys which required me to act like one therefore keeping up with beauty tricks wasn't something that triggered excitement in my adolescent years.

I remember my best friend Lauren would try to teach me how to wear make up and put on eyeliner I got so overwhelmed and annoyed--

1) because i'm a perfectionist and my lines weren't precise enough. 2) I didn't understand it. 

Although I admired makeup tricks I couldn't wrap my head around how certain things worked to enhance a woman's beauty. I spent most of my highschool career on the basketball and volleyball court, there was no time to waste on beauty but I still loved the art of femininity. I'ld always play around with lipstick here and there but still never got the hang of make up entirely.

So sad to say that it took me 24 years to actually master how to do something with my face. Thanks to hours spent on youtube videos and taking notes from friends who are gurus themselves.

Now you see ladies... I love make up. I love getting dolled up and looking glamorous but what I've never been a fan of was feeling like I needed makeup to cover up what was underneath. I want my skin to be flawless with/without make up. When i went on my rant on snapchat last week I was overwhelmed because I had an important shoot coming up that required me to look beautiful and flawless but in order for me to exude beauty I have to feel beautiful (internally). 

This year has taken a toll on me emotionally. My hormones have gone bananas and all that toxicity going on within is currently being eliminated out from my skin. Initially I felt insecure about what was going on with my skin because I wasn't used to having skin issues. I would always boast about my ridiculous intake of soda and carbs and how it didn't effect my skin, but that has changed. 

As you get older your body changes, which is why it's important to form those healthy habits in your early 20's.  If you are between the ages of 18-28 reading this please start nurturing those healthy habits now because the bad habits will eventually catch up with you later. 

As I take the necessary steps to getting my skin and body back to healthier state, I will be documenting parts of my journey in hopes to help someone out there who might be dealing with the same issue. Adult acne is not cute and you don't have to settle for things that don't make you feel good about yourself. 

Some things are beyond our control--like having a oily/combination skin type. However there are things we can actively be doing to change our circumstances.

If you have the power to fix the things you don't like about yourself take the necessary steps towards making those changes. It's okay to complain about it but what are you doing to change it? In order to see those changes we also need to make those lifestyles changes ourselves.


  1. Love yourself from the inside out (sanctimonious perhaps?)
  2. Water should be the first thing you drink when you wake up. It's even better with lemons.
  3. Workout!!! it decreases your stress levels.
  4. Take your daily multivitamins.
  5. Wash your face twice daily.
  6. Exfoliate once-twice a week.
  7. Keep your bed sheets clean.
  8. Make healthier food choices.
  9. Know your skin type and treat it accordingly.
  10. Keep yourself in environments that allow you to flourish and be your best. (Happiness is a choice) #nostresszone

What are some tips and tricks you have for keeping your skin on "fleek"?


Many thanks to 54 THRONES for showing compassion and empathizing with how I felt. 

I'm so excited to add these products to my daily regimen, and hoping to see results.


Coolin' in Culottes

Asiyami Gold

Fringe Denim Culottes | Asiyami Gold





 Bracelet  TARGET

Maasai Necklace Airport in Kenya



Seamlessly mixing tribal elements with modern aesthetics tickles my fancy. This Maasai necklace is the quintessential statement piece that can enhance any minimal ensemble. 

Every time I wear this necklace it makes me feel royal, beautiful, elegant and confident.

This eclectic jewelry created by the women of the Maasai tribe is not only beautiful but also has important cultural significance. The beadwork an individual wears is a symbolism of their age and social status. Generally, individuals of high social standing will wear more colorful and intricate jewelry. 

 The colors used in the beadwork are selected for their beauty. The colors are also symbolic and have important meanings understood by the tribe. Often these meanings have an association with cattle, which is the Maasai's main food source and for which they have a deep connection. Below is a list of the main colors used in Maasai beadwork and the meanings associated with each.

  • Red - stands for bravery, unity, and blood. Red is the color of cows blood. Often a cow is slaughtered when the Maasai meet and therefore unity is associated with red.
  • White - represents peace, purity, and health. The association with health comes from white cows milk which the tribe drinks to stay healthy.
  • Blue - represents energy and the sky. Rain falls from the blue sky which provides water for the cattle.
  • Orange - symbolizes hospitality. The association with cattle is that visitors are served cows milk from orange gourds.
  • Yellow - like orange yellow also symbolizes hospitality. The animal skins on visitors beds are yellow.
  • Green - symbolizes health and land. Cattle graze on the green grass of the land.
  • Black - represents the people and the struggles they must endure. 

Maasai Facts

On this scorching hot day in Atlanta rather than chilling in familiar denim, I opted for a cool pair of Culottes from ZARA. What made these a great find  was the affordable  price tag that came along with it. I live for affordable chic + statement pieces. 

Although I tapped into my savings for this super ZARA sale going on, I'm one happy gal :D

What Does your Space mean to you?

Asiyami Gold





Human beings thrive on Mental, Emotional and Physical stimulation. A stimulating space is a catalyst for having a great attitude when we wake up in the morning. I never grasped the magnitude of the impact light had on one’s emotions until I moved into a space with beige colored walls. I woke up each morning feeling uninspired. As image-makers and creatives it’s vital to maintain oneself in spaces that nurture our creativity. Our individual spaces allow us to                                                                        REFRESH AND RECHARGE.

I spend most of my time in my space creating therefore it's imperative to be in a space where my creativity isn't stifled. Light plays a huge role in our psyche.

The best metaphor I have for this: Imagine waking up one morning with the sunlight beaming heavily on your face, doesn't it make you feel happy and energetic? Now imagine when you wake up and it's gloomy and raining go back to sleep.

Your space should feel like sunlight at all times. It should attract light and fuel your energy. 

What does your SPACE mean to you?



Recipe by @thechefmel

Feeling Spanish in Harlem

Asiyami Gold

SHIRT Forever xxi

BAG Charlotte Rouse

 Bracelet  Madewell  Earring Banana Republic

Pants ZARA

Sandals Necessary Clothing

I once believed that looking chic and fashionable required lots of coins in one's bank account, until it dawned on me that having a lot of money doesn't equate to how stylish one can be. You can't put a price on effortless style.

A $5 pair of vintage earrings, styled immaculately, can look just as beautiful as a $515 pair of MIU MIU teardrop crystal-embellished earrings.

Being "Fashionable" is contingent on having coins in one's bank account, being stylish isn't. 

I consider myself to be more on the stylish end, acknowledging the difference between both has been helpful in selecting what key pieces to incorporate in my closet. 


Love From



Asiyami Gold


Experiencing Paris in Atlanta??? 

The abundance of restaurants in Atlanta has become something a number of us who live here have become accustomed to. Undoubtedly, food is a huge part of our southern culture. With such vast array of places to eat at, making a decision on where to dine can be daunting at times.

What makes a restaurant THE RESTAURANT to spend 2-3 hours of your day at?

- The vibes... What are they playing for those moments of awkward silence when you're on a date

- The Design and Ambiance 

- The Service

- Last but not least THE FOOD

At first glance I was stunned by how charming Bread & Butterfly was. When it comes to fine dining and a pleasant ambiance, we all know that no one does it like the French people do it. This charming French cafe & bistro located in the heart of Inman Park is effortlessly the most winsome space I've dined at in Atlanta. Everything about the decor was unmatched!!! The floor tiles, brass colored ceilings, green tiled walls, marble tables, chic french bistro chairs all perfectly complemented each other.

On The Menu:  Burger American, Shrimp Remoulade, Tartine Provence. 

The "brioche bun and caramelized onions" caught my interest when I looked at the menu and the first bite had me SOLD!!! I was in heaven, it was just as delicious as I imagined.




 Bracelet  Madewell

Jeans ZARA

Sandals Steve Madden

 This top made me feel like I can fly

I love the way the sleeves expand so gracefully

Happy Weekend!!!


Remembering WHY...

Asiyami Gold


I'm always thrilled when I discover new restaurants to Dine at in Atlanta.

CAKES & ALE did not disappoint. 

Lovely ambiance, Delicious Food, and Great Service!!!

Life in atlanta has its tendency of becoming monotonous. After returning from being away for three months earlier this year I went through an extended phase of sadness. As a creative, it's imperative to be in environments where my creative juices flow effortlessly. The first few months back from my journey were rough for me--emotionally and physically. I felt like I no longer belonged here, but then again I didn't know where exactly I belonged. I began questioning my purpose and It wasn't up till recently that I had a wake up call. After grabbing coffee with a friend who also felt the same way, we both realized that we were "blaming all we GOT"!!! The key to surviving these moments of adversity and gaining clarity is remembering WHY you do what you do. Why do you wake up in the morning? Knowing the WHY is the quickest route to fulfilling our purpose. WAKE UP EVERY MORNING FELING LIKE ALI!!!--when you know the WHY.

How do you survive and thrive in an environment that inhibits your growth?

- Make it a priority to leave the house--GET UP & GET OUT!!!

-Make new friends

-Collaborate with individuals who are excited about things that get you excited. 


-View your environment with a new lens. (A CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE, you can be a tourist in your own city)

-Make plans and execute them.

Jeans Zara

Top H&M

 Vest Besida Online

Shoes Oldnavy

Jewelry Madewell


Hope you're all having a lovely week thus far!!!


Something New

Asiyami Gold





Call me cookie ;)







AAKS ss/16

Asiyami Gold

Each collection silhouette is unique and tells a different story through detail, colour and shape. Akosua is connected to every stage of the design and production process to oversee and ensure that the end result is imbued with the spirit and soul worthy of the A A K S stamp. 



Hello Spring ;)

Asiyami Gold

"Spring is near – officially, only two and a half weeks away. Thus, the tradition of “spring-cleaning” is also upon us during this time of year. As the tradition goes, spring-cleaning requires a thorough examination of our homes – sweeping, polishing, and scrubbing all that has gathered in the cold of winter. Perhaps re-organizing our closets and cabinets; replacing the old with the new.

When done well, spring-cleaning requires time and dedication. There is the effort of replacing the winter coats in your closet with lighter jackets and raincoats. The carpet might require cleaning after the frosty dirt from winter boots has clung to it, becoming a part of the woven fabric. If you are one of those inspired homemakers, you might replace the décor of the home – warm greens and bright lavenders, and other colors of the season.

Yes, spring-cleaning requires effort. But the effort is rewarded more than in kind. From that old-time satisfaction that comes with work done by one’s hands, to the pride that comes with a well-kept home, to the less tangible experience of accepting a new season, prepared to receive all it has – good and bad.

But however difficult it is to crouch down and reach those dirty corners, or stand on small ladders to wipe that top shelf, or fold your winter apparel and place them in efficient storage containers, doing the same for your heart will require all the more diligence.

It is easy to see when a home needs to be cleaned and reorganized and put together (again). This is not always true of a heart. Of course it can be blatant – tears that are cried in silence and darkness, an unrelenting anxiety that paralyzes the thoughts of the brain and the body’s movement; chronic and continuous fear."

Jeans vintage TH

Top Asiyami Gold

 Sweater Vintage

Shoes Asos

But far too often, between the mundanities and responsibilities of the day, the heart can go on, day after day, month after month, season after season, unattended. And we go on, indifferent.

Without malice, we tend to the appearance of life – as represented by our homes – while life itself – as represented by our hearts – suffer, and oftentimes suffer quietly. But our hearts need spring-cleaning too.

Our hearts need scrubbing, polishing, and sweeping. And we need it in the form of reflection, atonement, and forgiveness – forgiveness of others, forgiveness for ourselves. Our hearts need reorganizing and replacement – spending time deciding what we want to keep with us, and what we ought to discard. Our hearts need to be free from the anger that has clung, and the vices that have stayed. And indeed if we are inspired “heart-makers,” we bring in warmth and peace to replace our losses.

This effort of spring-cleaning our hearts is also rewarded more than in kind. With it comes the satisfaction of letting go, the pride of being an agent of change in one’s life, and that less tangible experience of accepting a renewed self, prepared to receive all this self brings – the good and the bad." - Kovie Biakolo

Although i'm a bit late I figured i'ld share this read with you. Definitely something to ponder on while the season is changing let's also strive to renew our hearts and minds for the new seasons ahead. Hope your spring has been refreshing thus far ;). 

What are some changes you need to make this season?



6hrs in Tulum

Asiyami Gold


Prior to visiting Tulum I obsessed over how visually appealing Tulum would be in reference to the pictures that I had seen online. My initial reaction when I got to the ruins was a bit disheartening. As someone who constantly needs to be visually stimulated by my environment I had extremely high expectations for Tulum. I also wasn't expecting to see so many tourists roaming the streets of Tulum.-- (never plan too much for a place you've never visited because the fantasy of the place never meets the reality of your expectation; and in order to find the perfection in the imperfection you have to explore a bit more to find the Hidden Treasures.) 

After getting over my initial state of disappointment, we drove into town where I asked my chauffeur to drop me off. As I walked around town that's when I finally began to see the beauty in Tulum. 6hrs wasn't enough time for me to visually absorb what Tulum had to offer. I returned a few days after and rented a bike to explore the lovely town. I spent a few hours riding around on my bike and that was exactly what I needed. The best way to discover what is place has to offer is better experienced on a bike. Visually I was exposed to everything and could make stops when prompted to do so. If you do plan to visit Tulum for a day rent a bike and ride around. You'll end up discovering much more than you expected.

There's beauty in not having expectations and going into things with an open heart. You're more receptive to the world around you and the world is also open to you when you allow things to happen as they should. I often get ahead of myself, but these are lessons that I have to put into practice and constantly adhere to.

Trousers Zara

Top Asiyami Gold

 Hat Vendor in Buea

Sandals Chloe

Massai on Maroma

Asiyami Gold


Unleashing my inner warrior ;)

Skirt Thrifted

Straw Hat Forever 21

Massai Neckalace Airport Stop in Kenya

 Bracelet + Bathing Suit Top H&M

I'm passionate about creating more beautiful images for women of color on the internet. When I look at the women whose lifestyles inspire me I also envision more women of color living that lifestyle. Living a beautiful life is not this obscure, impalpable, herculean mystery that only the special among us will attain. We are all capable of living beautifully, whether we choose to share it with the world or not. Decide what the perfect life looks like and go after it despite the challenges, learn to improvise and work around them. 
I'm always willing to go the extra mile to make sure my photos are well documented. I love beauty and although my life isn't perfect... I always find beauty and in all the imperfections. That makes life worth living for me. (Today Thoughts)

Enjoying the dreamy view at El Dorado Maroma